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TJ's thoughts on Nanowrimo

So we’re halfway through Nanowrimo and this is probably something that seems weird to post now but hear me out!

I was planning on doing to do Nanowrimo this year, for the whole year I’ve had my mind set on it “THIS WILL BE THE YEAR” (spoiler alert: it was not the year, not technically) I went on a trip to Italy and whilst I wrote when I could while I was there I didn’t have much time – not that it mattered because it wasn’t november yet.

But the problem arose when I returned, when all of a sudden I was drowning in work and there was no time for me to write, I was barely finding time to sketch and draw in my breaks from study!

November was looming over my shoulder, a tall figure draped in words and counters and exams and time limits and fear, and suddenly I wasn’t so excited for nanowrimo.

Except, I had an idea.


So I made myself a baby Nanowrimo!! It looks like this:

And it’s been working!!! I’m behind on words right now, but I’m going to pick it up! By the end of November I should have a finished 20,000 word first draft of this short story! Take that scary November!

The moral of this and everything I’ve been thinking about it that you don’t need to pressure yourself, if you think things like nanowrimo and other competitions are going to stress you out, Dont. Do. Them.
That doesn’t mean you should give up though! Set your own goals, make smaller, more achievable contests for yourself and catch those stars chickens!!!

Just because you don’t have time for things like Nano doesn’t mean you are weak! After all, writing isn’t a competition against anyone but yourself, and it’s writing no matter how much you’re doing!