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Presented by State Library Victoria

Silence or Screams

tw depressive thoughts



if you asked me what was worse
the silence or the screams
would i be able to tell you?

the silence feels like rocks in my chest
too heavy for my exhausted heart to hold above the ground
stinging eyes and bile filled throats
it is like i am nothing more than a wisp of smoke
and how i long for the wind to blow me away

but the screams?
should i long for the scorching marks words leave on my skin?
for the hot and heavy tears?
the glass filled lungs?
the phantom scratches?
because i remember the sounds but memory fails whether they’re better than this

sticks and stones may break your bones

but words leave wounds that never heal

and silence kills



This is good but could you please remember to capitalise your I's in writing, it really annoys me but the overall story is very interesting :)

27th Mar, 19
aahanadudani DAB member

heyy it's poetic licence :)

26th May, 19