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Presented by State Library Victoria

I See You

try to tell me that you’re fine
but i see the way you smile
see how it doesn’t meet your eyes
yeah i see you

a dot to dot of broken lines
a kaleidoscope of lies
sudoku without the nines
i still see you

diamonds hiding in the mines
a torch thats shining without light
a glass of grape juice, tastes like wine
that’s how i see you

the moon is square shaped in the night
poetry that doesn’t rhyme
doesn’t mean there’s nothing right
you know i see you

the way your broken whispers shine
i see your shattered pantomime
it would be nice if you saw mine
because i see you



Your writing is incredible every. single. time. I love it

27th May, 19

So good! My only criticism is the rhythm - there are a few parts where it jolts a little. But it's a really good poem and I love the meaning behind it. Many thumbs up! Somehow. I can just grow another few hands, right? :)

27th May, 19

hey its poetic licence dude :) and yes its a great poem! people write in all kinds of different ways to create different moods and qualities.

1st Jun, 19
inky State Library Victoria

sudoku without the nines! So. Good. <3

28th May, 19

i am in AWE this is beautiful and brilliant and astonishingly articulate.

1st Jun, 19